Days Gone. Columbus Ohio Photographer, in her Vintage Worthington Home.

Outside of the studio, real kids, real messes, real life, real pictures.

I've been watching.  I have been paying attention.  Watching those hours tick by, those minutes, those seconds, and mostly those days.  I see the confidence growing, the vocabulary flourishing, and personality taking shape.  I've experienced the time flash-forward moments where I see a young woman, and then back again to that toothless grin.  I can't wait to watch her grow up, I just hope some days go by a little slower than others.

She wants to be an artist, a dancer, a singer, a song writer, a photographer and a Mommy.  She only ever wears mismatched socks, and loves her pajamas.  She is an animal lover, and animals love her.  She loves to read, and thinks pickles are the most disgusting thing on the planet and is totally convinced that I eat them *JUST* so she has to smell them.  She writes me books, and jokes, and books of jokes.  She has a portfolio of her drawings, and her paintings and artwork are framed and hanging on the walls.  She serenades me any time there is silence.  She comes with me to run errands *JUST* so we can dance in the car to the radio. 

Some days, her little being is so reminiscent  of myself when I was six.  Its like watching my reflection.... only this one will pave her own path.

Columbus photographer captured 6 year old daughter drawing in Worthington home. Reflection with vintage furniture.
Columbus photographer captures 6 year old daughter coloring at vintage kitchen table in Worthington home. 
Columbus photographer photographs six year old daughter drawing with markers in Worthington vintage home. 
Columbus photographer takes lifestyle portraits of six year old daughter in vintage worthington home surrounded by art gallery walls. 
Columbus photographer photographs daughter following ipad drawing instructions in Worthington home.
Columbus photographer takes pictures of daughter copying a fox drawing on her ipad in their worthington, ohio home. 
Columbus, Ohio photographer captures daughter drawing cartoon fox with markers and adding details in vintage Worthington home. 
Columbus photographer captures drawing concentration in old worthington home. 
Girl drawing with markers a cartoon fox in vintage home in Columbus, Ohio. 
Columbus Ohio photographer captures cat on chair with her owner in old home in Worthington. 
Columbus photographer captures child and cat making colored pictures in vintage home in Worthington. 
Child with long hair in pajamas with ipad in old home in Worthington, Oh.