Crop or not to crop, that IS the question!

I get questioned a LOT on why the pictures I deliver have so much space around them....well, not every photo does, but if I'm photographing a large group, or your whole body, I will leave space, and there is a really easy answer sizes are wonky.  I'm going to try and explain this, and it really comes down to simple math, but may look more like a bit of common core math (if you're a parent, you know what I'm talking about!) but a 'full frame' camera will spit out images at a 2:3 ratio.  My camera happens to be a full frame, so images at a 4x6 will print the whole image.  I like 4x6's, and 8x12's (but good luck finding frames for that one) and a 16x24 are my favorite large size with out gasping and groaning "Whoa, that is huge", and then the 20x30.  

So those are the happy sizes.  Simple, clean, prints everything, easy peasy.  Now comes the 5x7.  In simple, easy, round, terms, it chops about an inch off the long edge. 8x10? Even wonkier...that chops 2 inches off the long size.  If I cropped before I sent them, and you decided you wanted an 8x10 and I didn't leave those 2 extra inches, you would be cursing me when ordering....and I prefer that not to happen ;)  Best bet is to look when you are printing them.  You can always zoom in or adjust what is being trimmed in the cropping process during ordering.  Its silly, and hopefully the visual below will show you what happens to the photo of the same beautiful little girl.  Its all exactly the same full image, but the prints have different ratios, so some of the image gets chopped off!  

Check it out..... 

Cropping guide. Columbus Ohio photographer.  

So if you ever get stuck, I am more than happy to help you when ordering, and if you are just cropping for posting to share with friends on social media, I can help with that too!  There is a rhyme and a reason to my madness (at least on this subject!) But initially when I deliver your photos, you will see extra space on some - and now you know its for a reason!! 

Oh...and ordering your pictures to last a lifetime? My favorite place is which is an amazing place for consumers like yourself to get those pictures printed! 

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Is she not adorable? Omgoodness.