1st Birthday Cake Smash Retainer


1st Birthday Cake Smash Retainer

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1st Birthday Cake Smash sessions include birthday child only and last 40 minutes.  12 Digital images are guaranteed with the 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session. Custom cake and decorations are included in price.  Full session cost is $250.  $125 is due to book as a retainer for the date, and remaining is due at the session.  No part of any order, including previews will be delivered until the balance is paid in full. There is a $35 return check/non sufficient funds fee.  Cash, Check and Credit Card will be accepted for final payment in studio. 

Retainer is held for the date on the calendar.  It is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another time and date as long as 24 hours notice has been given.  There are no refunds for "no call, no show".  

Digital images will be delivered to client via provided email address within 3 weeks of the session date.  Rush orders can be provided, but may be assessed with a fee, and only after Megan Vance of Megan V Photography gives written notice of agreement.  

If Megan V Photography cannot perform this contract due to fire or other casualty, strike, act of God or other cause beyond the control of Megan V Photography, or due to the Photographer's illness or emergency, then the photographer shall return the retainer to the Client but shall have no further liability with respect to the Agreement and Contract. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of the photographer. In the event that Megan V Photography fails to perform for any other reason, the photographer shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the value/paid amount of the Client's order. 

Megan V Photography takes the utmost care with respect to the exposure, editing and production of all products and services offered. Every effort will be made to assure satisfaction according to Megan V Photography’s professional standards. However, Megan V Photography is not responsible for subjective interpretations of photography. 

Copyright & Usage:  A digital version will be sent to the clients for their viewing and printing capabilities. Clients will have the limited right to make and use copies for the digital images provided, for their own use in e-mail and on personal web pages, and or Facebook/digital online personal page. Clients will not make copies for sale or for the purpose of circumventing the sale of images by Megan V Photography, nor will the client authorize any reproductions of the images for commercial use of for photographic competition or display. Megan V Photography will furnish the client with a written release, which will allow the client the make copies, prints and other reproductions for personal, non-commercial use and distribution. Megan V Photography retains copyright in all images created and will have the right to make reproductions for portfolio samples, self promotion and professional competition. 

This session includes a Cake provided by local bakery.  Bakery used and Megan Vance of M.E.V. Photography and Megan V Photography are not held liable for any unknown or known food allergies or subsequent reactions from the session.  No nut products are used in the preparation of the cake, but may have come in contact with peanuts and tree nuts.  Other ingredients may include gluten, diary and eggs. If you have dietary concerns, please discuss with Megan Vance before the session so accommodations can be decided. 

If these specific terms are agreed upon by the client, you will enter your initials on the next page as your signature.